Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Video Tutorials - Using Offset in Silhouette Studio

Welcome to my first video tutorials on how to use the Silhouette. These are simple screen casts on basic functions of the Silhouette Studio software (v 1.5.0). If you don't have the latest software you can download it free from the Silhouette America website. My previous tutorial The Lazy Snipper or Feeling Like a Genius talked about using offset on images but didn't go into depth on the subject. Hopefully a video will help those who had questions. Like I said this is my first attempt so be patient with me.

Offset on Text

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For a larger video use this link: 2011-02-27_SilhouetteOffsetText

Offset for Art

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For a larger video use this link: 2011-02-27_SilhouetteOffsetArt

Now for something completely different

One of the things I am planning on DOING soon is donating all the unsold stamp sets that are in my Etsy shop. Memories and Beyond, our not so local but oh so awesome, scrapbook store collects scrapbooking/stamping supplies for use in art therapy at Mooseheart Child City and School. Mooseheart is a community and school for children and teens in need, located 38 miles west of Chicago. I will be donating the stamps and some inks on my next visit, tentatively scheduled for March 26th. If you have any interest in purchasing any of these sets now is the time.

Happy Crafting,


susies1955 said...

Awesome. I'm going to share your site. :)

houtz said...

Kate -- Thanks so much for making this tutorial. It was so easy to understand. You did an awesome job and I hope you continue to make more tutorials for all of us Silhouette challenged people!

Micki said...

Thank you so much for the tutorials! I'm brand new to the Silhouette and it's software and this just opened up worlds of possibilities I had no idea existed.

BTW, I found you through Infarrantly Creative's link on FB. So glad she shared!

Pete said...

I'm glad Suzie shared. Been using the Robo for four years now and learnt two new things in one day...keep em coming! Great tuts

Shawna said...

Wow Katie! These are two wonderful tutorials -- thanks so much for doing this!!!

teryl said...

Just found these tutorials via a link on the Silhouette plus site.
Great job!
You gave me lots of ideas to try.

jill said...

loved these clear tuts - ty!