Friday, February 10, 2017

Wplus9 - day 5

It's Friday. Woo Hoo!
Time to take my friend to another hospital. Say a prayer she gets the treatment she needs, this has been a long week for all of us.

I'm kind of a sucker for cute critters I can color. (say that 10 times fast) I love making scenes. I initially colored these guys with white masks and couldn't quite figure out why they looked so weird. Google images to the rescue. I really like the tree but I wish it didn't end with a line across the top. The hole in the tree can be filled with a variety of things. The sleeping raccoon in a smaller hole is only one option. The set comes with acorns, a la Chip and Dale. You can also add a bear's head poking out of the tree. I'm sure these sets will get a lot of use.

When I started this week of Loving on Wplus9 I looked through their website at all their sets and saw they had a Papel Picado stamp. Recently I did a project where I made my own Papel Picado but the Wplus9 version was so much cuter and easier to use. I am planning on making a lot of cards with Papel Picado on them. The samples for this stamp set were so beautiful that I ordered the stamp. It arrived yesterday and I had to play with it. Some of that playing isn't worth showing you but I really like the card I finished.

with a sentiment from Bubble Talk

Happy Crafting,

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Loving on Wplus9 - Yes, and…

You know those days when you have a great plan? You have things to do and schedule everything, including a little time for playing with pets and dealing with teenagers, and life says, "NOPE!" That has been my week.

A friend of mine was supposed to be in a week long training session about an hour away from my house. She asked if I would watch her dog and I said, "yes," because my son and I absolutely love her dog. 

On Tuesday my son was running late for the bus and forgot his winter coat (a hoodie would be ok for a run to the bus stop). After school, he got home and couldn't get in the house because his house key lives in his coat. Instead of going to someone's house he protected himself against the wind by sitting in a small garden shed that's the size of 2 garden chairs and is only 4 feet tall. Kids! With time on his hands and nothing else to do he got his homework done. When I got home I told him he had me worried because he wasn't answering the phone. His apology, "I'm sorry for making you worry," was so sincere it warmed my heart.

Tuesday night I go to an improv class, during the conversation after class one of the other students told me I was really funny but I said, "no, but…" instead of, "yes, and…" I felt so bad. It's the first rule of improv this, "yes, and…" thing. I have kept that in mind all week.

Tuesday night when I got home from class my friend who is in training called and said, "I've broken my arm. Can you come get me and take me home?" I said, "yes" and…  I was on my way.  I headed out at 10:30 pm. I drove for an hour praying Google maps would get me where she was before the battery ran out on my phone. I got to the ER and sat with my friend while they poked and prodded and finally put her in a temporary cast. I took her back to her hotel because she was determined to go to the next day's training. Badass right? I headed home and walked in at 3 am.

Three hours later I woke up with dogs walking on me wanting to go out… NOW! I walked the little fuzz balls, made sure my son got up and off to school and went back to bed after texting work that I would be about an hour late. When I woke there was a reply saying, "nothing to do, take the day off." Whew! I went out to run a few errands that I had scheduled for after work and while on the road the phone rang. My friend's pain was too intense, she had not received pain meds in the ER the night before, "Can you take me to the local ER?"  I said, "yes" and…  I was on my way.  Seven hours later, after more X-rays, a new and improved cast, and a prescription for pain meds, I took her home. 

Why am I telling you all of this? 1) bloggers should share a bit about their personal life, be real. 2) I wanted to explain why you hadn't seen other Wplus9 creations this week. 3) I just needed to vent a bit. 

Because of all the aforementioned activities, you will be getting 3 cards instead of one today. Enjoy.

This card was made with scraps of paper from my stash. The banner of party hats and "happy birthday" sentiments were stamped with images from the Wplus9 set Unforgettable. The elephant was stamped on grey cardstock and colored with Copic markers. The party hats were stamped with Stampin' Up! inks and then filled in with an aquabrush. The splatters of ink were made by opening Mister Huey inks and tapping the spray pump instead of spraying it.

Party Animal

When I saw the giraffe from this set on Sandy Allnock's blog I knew I had to add him to my collection. The balloon felt like it wanted to lift this little guy so I let it. Everything here is colored with Copic markers except the blue sky. I created that with Distress ink.

Bubble Talk  and Party Animals

Combining Wplus9 stamp sets works so well because the images have the same feel and are well proportioned. Everything here is colored with Copic markers except the blue sky. I created that with Distress ink and a mask I made with a My Favorite Things Die. 

Happy Crafting,

Monday, February 6, 2017

Loving on Wplus9

In February 2010 Dawn Woleslagle (wool-slay-gal), an accomplished watercolor artist and graphic designer, founded WPlus9 Design Studio. The first time I saw the company name I wondered what it meant, once I saw Dawn's last name it was it was a total "duh".

The first image I remember seeing was "Pocketful" and I wanted it - badly. Because money was not plentiful I had to pass on this set that included jean pockets with a variety of things that could poke out of the pocket. It was adorable. I've been enamored with Dawn's work ever since.

From whimsical critters to elegant florals to versatile sentiments, Wplus9 continues to bring beautiful sets to market. Stamps are released on the 5th of every other month, starting in February. The first week of release months the Design Blog features samples, product previews, and drawings for free products.

A couple of years ago when elephants were all the rage I fell hard for the elephants in Unforgettable and Bubble Talk. Those adorable critters needed to come live at my house. One of the things I like about these 2 sets is that they work so well together. The images are the same scale.


This card was made with paper scraps that I keep in drawers near my desk.

Happy Crafting,

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hot Diggity Dog these Stamps are Tee-rific


I purchased the Tee-rific SugarPea Designs set a while ago because I loved the penguin so much. I don't play golf unless there is a windmill on the course. Good thing this set includes a windmill. 

My last encounter with real golf was when I was 8 when my dad was practicing his swing. I got too close and caught the business end of a driver in the face. No real damage except a desire to stay away from golf.

This adorable set is part of the SugarPea Designs Bean Stalk Collection. There are 7 images that can be used to build scenes or can be on their own as a focal point for your creations.

There are eight (8) sentiments for the golfer in your life from Happy Father’s Day to Get Well wishes perfect for the duffer feeling sub-par.

Hot Diggity Dog (sentiment from Avery Elle, mirror frame and rug hand drawn)

For nearly 50 years I thought of myself as a cat person. Thirteen years ago I found out I was a cat person who wasn't allowed to have cats. Allergies were not going to let me breathe if my fuzzy friends were around. Sadly I had to let my two calicos, Penny and Gwen, go. When my son was little he would ask me anytime I seemed even a little bit sad, "You miss you Penny right?" 

When he got a little older he decided he wanted a dog and would regularly remind me that I was NOT allergic to dogs. He had a sinus issue one year, and I took him to my allergist at the suggestion of his pediatrician. They did allergy tests and he is only allergic to one thing. Dogs.

Three years ago I became a dog person. We got Jewels, a schnauzer puppy, to distract my son and me from the sadness of my father's death the previous year. She has worked wonders for me. I have met a lot of wonderful neighbors while walking the dog. 

A bunch of women with dogs would meet up at the local park early on weekend mornings and chat while the dogs played. We would leave the park before the neighborhood children were even awake let alone ready to play in the park. 

I purchased the SugarPea Designs Hot Diggity Dog set to make cards for these ladies. Even though the dogs in this set don't look a thing like any of our dogs, it still gets a work out for Yappy Birthday cards and other occasions. 

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Loving on SugarPea Designs

Yesterday marked a first for me. I sent an application to be a guest designer for SugarPea Designs. I don't know if I did it correctly but it's done. I've never been a guest designer or a guest blogger but I am ready for the challenge.

I have loved SugarPea Designs from the minute I saw those cute penguins. I collect penguins, so whenever I see a one I pause for a second look. But SugarPea is more than penguins they have adorable images of all kinds in several different styles.

I recently listened to the Crafty Chat featuring Wendy Ramlakhan, the owner of SugarPea Designs. She talked about finding illustrators when she started the company. She never mentioned any names but I wanted to jump through the screen and ask, "who are these people? I have so many questions for them." Those questions will have to wait I guess.

Today I thought I would show you some of my SugarPea creations.


Have an Ice Day
Totes Ma Goats

Hot Diggity Dog

Happy Crafting,