Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ISO a few good paper crafting bloggers

I have an idea I'd like to float past you. What if you could write 2 blog posts and have 5 days of content? Would that help lighten the load? What if one of those posts brought your blog new readers? Interested?

I would like to put together a network of paper crafting bloggers that work together to highlight a brand or topic for a week at a time, help build each other's readership, and create crafting friendships. This is not a for people who are design team members nor is this a call for design team members really.

The Loving On… group is looking to add new bloggers to the mix. Once a month we "love on" a stamp manufacturer. We create several projects (mostly cards) using the featured companies products that we already have on hand. Love doesn't need to be new to be real.

The time and writing commitments to participate in a week of Loving On… are rather minimal. You only need to write 2 blog posts for a week's worth of content.

  • The initial post is for your readers, people who already know and love you. Tell them why you "love" this stamp company. Is it image style, just right sentiments, product quality, customer service, something else, or a combination of reasons.
    This post will feature 3-4 projects using different stamps by the featured company.
  • The second post that will be used by other bloggers. Introduce yourself to their readers and tell why you "love" the featured stamp company.
    You will need to supply images of 2 projects for other members to use on their sites.
    Members should not be using the same images on their own blog and on other blogs.
At the end of each week of Loving On…  we have a drawing. We will either have company sponsorship or we will pool resources to come up with a prize. 

Here is the calendar of how a week of Loving On… should look on your blog and social media.

On your blog
Your post
Group member A
Group member B
Group member C
Group member D
Feature 3-4 projects you made
Feature 2 projects member A made
Feature 2 projects member A made
Feature 2 projects member A made
Feature 2 projects member A made
Link to your
 social media
Link to A’s Monday post and their social media
Link to B’s Monday post and their social media
Link to C’s Monday post and their social media
Link to D’s Monday post and their social media
Promote drawing
Promote drawing
Promote drawing
Promote drawing
Promote drawing
Promotions on your social media
and in groups you are in on social media
Loving On… Week is on your blog
Member A
is on your blog
Member B
is on your blog
Member C
is on your blog
Member D
is on your blog
Promote drawing
Promote drawing
Promote drawing
Promote drawing
Promote drawing

If you are interested in joining us please leave a comment with a link to your blog along with a short list of companies you are interested in loving on. I will contact you with full details within the week.

Happy Crafting,

Monday, April 10, 2017

#ManCraftMonday - Timothy Thomas

I have become kind of an Instagram junkie. I look at all the pretty pictures of other people creations and enter the names of my IG friends into the comments of giveaways.  Last year I noticed lumberjacks from different stamp companies showing up in my feed so I went looking for more. That's when I discovered this card and became a Timothy Thomas follower and fan.

Stanpin' Up! Wood you be mine? stamp set
Welcome to #ManCraftMonday for April. I'll let the man of the month take it from here.

My name is Timothy Thomas. I was born and raised in Arizona. Ever since I was a child I have always been interested in art and creating things with my hands. I honestly never thought I would like stamping, but in the summer of 2014, I went to a Stampin' Up! class one of my friends had, and I fell in love with stamping. Now 3 years later most of my stamps are still from SU!

My favorite form of paper crafting is card making. I have always been a giving person, and I think it means a lot to my friends and family to receive something handmade. For me, crafting is my escape from reality. 

Once I start crafting, I don't have a care in the world and I often lose track of time. Crafting makes me very happy and it's something I love to do as much as possible.

To see more or my creations you can find me at Timman23 on Instagram.

Happy Crafting,   

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fake ironing Friday and a giveaway

We have heard a lot about fake news in the last year. Today's card has a lot of fake going on. I'm so current. This woman in the window is fake ironing. Kind of the same thing I do.

The interior sentiment, My Birthday Suit is Wrinkled, is from Hampton Arts. I don't have an iron stamp or a stamp of someone ironing, but I found that I could use this woman if I crop her at just the right spot. She looks like she is ironing through the window. The woman in this image doesn't have hair and is holding a watering can. I love finding a new way to use stamps.

I used a die set for the shutters, window frame and the flowers at the bottom of the card. The flowers are very small and my fingers are rather large so I needed a small applicator for some kind of adhesive. I used Ranger's Multi Medium Matte in the small .5 oz bottle. Even though it's a small bottle I wanted a smaller applicator. I bought an empty precision tip applicator bottle a while ago and put the tip on the Multi Medium Matte bottle. Ranger has a special tip for this size bottle, available here, but I didn't go that route because I didn't know it existed back then.


Have you ever ordered something online and accidentally hit the order button twice because you are so excited? I have done it more than a couple times. I did this in my last order from Simon Says Stamp that arrived last week. Soooo

I have an extra stamp that I want to send to a Katemade Designs reader. I have a goal of reaching 100 followers this year. I am 52 followers away from my goal. If I reach 100 followers on the blog I will add a paper crafting product. For each 100 followers, I will add another product to the pot. I have a set of Tim Holtz Distress crayons, a few duplicate stamps including a background stamp and numerous embellishments. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wash Wednesday - More Spring Cleaning

Traditionally laundry is a Monday thing.  When I worked at a neighborhood historical society 20 years ago there were all kinds of references in letters, books, and photographs that laundry was a Monday chore. It took all day before washing machines became common in the 1950s. My grandmother used to wash clothes on Monday even after she got a washer and dryer.

Even the folks living in that little house on the prairie washed their clothes on Monday.
Ma used to say, "Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday,  Mend on Wednesday,  Churn on Thursday, Clean on Friday, Bake on Saturday,  Rest on Sunday."               — Laura Ingalls Wilder 
Now that women are working outside the home the days chores are completed has changed. We do stuff when we can, or when we absolutely have to get it done. A child's lack of clean underwear (because he hasn't been putting stuff in the hamper like he should) can totally change the order of chores to be done.

So today is wash day. 

I made this card using Lawn Fawn's "Little Bundle" and "Loads of Fun" to create this card. The baby clothes are so sweet. Everything here is colored with Copic Markers. The strips at the bottom of the card are from my green drawer where I keep scraps precut to 5.5" so I can quickly add them to cards. The T-shirt, undies and boy's onesie are all paper pieced, those papers came from my patterned paper scrap drawer. The onesie is actually a bit of packaging - I love free paper.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tidy Tuesday - spring cleaning

I love stamping and coloring and playing candy crush until I'm out of lives. I do not generally like cleaning. It's a chore. You can tell because it's called a "chore" instead of a "game" or a "woozzle" or something else. I tidy up and vacuum, dust, and swiffer but moping or steam cleaning is not a regular thing. 

Today I am going to get that steam mop out and fire it up. The floors will be cleaned so thoroughly, that if you wanted to, you could eat off of them. 


I would love to say that is going to happen but in actuality it probably won't. I have it on my do to list but it's not a high priority. It's after work work, you know the kind that pays the bills, finding work - need to find a new job, laundry, dishes, and making cards for various occasions.

But I have been working on cards that show cleaning, so that's something. Right? 

I really like this image from Sunny Studio. The sentiments in the set are"Without you…" "my life would" "Suck" and "I'm sorry…" "That sucks!" great for some cards, not so much for a birthday card. 

I saw the sentiment I used on the card at Viva Las Vegastamps and the unmounted price was within my budget. I still have plenty of EZ mount from my adventures in stamp converting.