Sunday, January 22, 2017

This just happened

In honor of all the people who marched in Washington DC and in large cities and small towns around the world. #lovetrumpshate All stamps from @unitystampco. Face designed by @donnadowney. All coloring done with #copicmarkers.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

This just happened

Because bending down is hard. #adaptation

Is that Amy Winehouse?

New stamps are in the house. @unitystampco carries beautiful faces from @donnadowney. The first time I saw those faces I knew I wanted to use flowers as their hair.

The flowers are from @winnieandwalter. There are so many great flowers and leaves in their "In Bloom" series. I'm looking forward to making a lot of cards with these sets.

This image is colored with #copicmarkers and the further I got into coloring I realized how much she looks like Amy Winehouse.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How to write a thank you note.

In a previous post, I told you why do you say thank you.  In this post, I'll tackle how to say thank you. What do you write on the inside? This is always a problem for me. So I did a bit of research and found out a pretty good formula.

Formula for saying thank you 

1. Don't be self-centered. 
Starting your note with “I” or “We" doesn't make it about your recipient but about you. Instead focus entirely on the other person. Phrases like "You throw a great party", "You are a wonderful cook," or "You have a great talent for finding the perfect gift" will make your recipient happier than saying "I love my new whatchamacallit," 
2. Name it and be specific.
When saying thank you for a gift go beyond just writing down what it is. Write about  how it looks, how it makes you feel, what you'll do with it, or how you will display it. 
If someone gave you money, your thank you note shouldn't read “Thanks for the $50.” Instead it should read “Thank you for your generosity,” no matter what amount is given, because money is always a “generous gift"
3.  How did you benefit from the person's kindness or generosity? 
If you’re thanking friends for a party, mention details about the event that you’ll hold as memories: a favorite food, the table decorations, someone at the party you enjoyed meeting, or anything else that comes to mind as special. 
Before the holiday break several Scout families took turns bringing my son home from meetings. Their kindness allowed me to take improv classes. You better believe I mentioned this benefit when I gave them thank you cards.
4. End your note by writing about when you will be together again.  
You could write something like, "I'll call you next week to arrange a time to meet for lunch or coffee," or "I look forward to seeing you again at so-and-so's birthday party."  If you tell someone you're going to call and make arrangements for a meeting, be the kind of person that makes the call to make arrangements for a meeting. 
5.  Don't use generic salutations.  
Sincerely is fine for someone you don't know but when thanking  a friend or family member put some heart and humor in it. You can allude to the gift, if someone gave you a coffee maker, you could write, "with love from your new favorite barista." 
According to the experts, the stationery for your thank you notes doesn't really matter it's what's on the inside that counts. As a card maker, this seems so very foreign to me. When I make a thank you card the image on the cover relates to the gift or the giver, the event or the host, the kindness or the deed. Here's the latest thank you card I made:
Image from Purple Onion Designs, Sentiment from Mama Elephant.
Sequins from Neat and Tangled. Coloring was done with Copic markers. 

It's important when sending a thank you card that you are timely in getting it in the mail. Two weeks is a good rule of thumb, though I'm sure new parents are given a bit more grace than others.

Happy Crafting,

Resources:A Proper Thank You: Etiquette rules for thank you notes
The Gracious 5-Step Formula for Writing Thank You Notes

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This just happened

Experiments turned into a card.

I love my @vivalasvegastamps tardis and blueprint #distressink is the PERFECT color. I colored it in with a #prismacolor cobalt blue pencil then blended it with #gamsol. I'm very happy with this bit of the card.

 The splattered effect is from running a piece of #yupopaper through a water bath with nail polish in it. I expected a marble effect. I didn't get it, but I think the swooshy splatter works ok with a tardis. I added the @vervestamps sentiment on the Yupo and some time in the next couple of weeks that ink may dry.

The last bit of the experiment is the base. That's Recollections card stock from @michaelsstores. It's fine for matting things but as a base I can't recommend it. First of all it's not 8.5" x 11", a sliver needs to be trimmed off both the width and height. Second, the weight leaves a lot to be desired. I would send this to someone I know would hang it on the bulletin board or on the refrigerator, but someone who would normally put a curtain up on the shelf to view it