Monday, July 29, 2013

The Craft Blog Survey

I don't think I'm typical

I have been incredibly busy with life lately. I haven't posted in months because of a friend's funeral,  a trip California to get a new puppy, cub scout duties, the emotional anniversary of my father's death, a moody tween, a soggy living room floor, training a new puppy, a moody tween, the puppy's illness, a magazine press deadline, a moody tween, an out of town guest, a leaking toilet, a moody tween, the puppy's bite wound, and of course a moody tween.

I started thinking that even though I want to share a lot of things with the blogosphere maybe I am not the right person to do that or at least now is not the right time to do that. Maybe I am not normal typical. Then I started thinking,"what is typical?" in the craft blog world. I am a single mom is that the norm? I have a moody tween, an overly active puppy, and a job that demand my attention. I am distracted by clutter, Pinterest, Candy Crush, Facebook, a really comfy recliner and a Netflix trial membership.

So I decided to put together a survey using Survey Monkey. If you have a craft blog please fill it out and share it with your craft blogging friends. The more information the better. I don't want the name of your blog on your survey but if you fill it out please leave a comment with your blog's name. I will also tweet a thank you with your blog name when you comment.

So here goes. Click here to take survey

Happy Crafting,

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