Friday, April 5, 2013

Should we keep other people's memories?

All clutter busting experts tell you not to keep all the things you inherit from your loved ones. Keep photos or journals and perhaps a couple of small things but your memories should be enough. I don't always follow directions well when it comes to sentimental things. I wanted to keep EVERYTHING.

In a few days we will go meet the newest member of our family. An 8-week old puppy named Jewels. The realization that a new puppy was going to take oodles of time and a bit of effort to train snapped me out of the desire to keep EVERYTHING. In preparing for the arrival of our new pet we have been cleaning, clearing clutter (the local women's shelter has received A LOT of donations) and finding homes for things that have been taking up space. 

I inherited two pieces of storage furniture, the toy box my grandfather made for my dad and his brother, and my grandmother's cedar chest, plus all the items in them. Last weekend I finally went through them so I could consolidate, eliminate or donate what was in them.

Treasure Chest

I always thought of my grandmother's cedar chest as a treasure chest because there were things in there that were so valuable. Turns out they were only valuable to a family history geek like me.

6-point hand-sewn pillows
I like the shape of these pillows and will probably make cards or
a scrapbook page with these as inspiration. Probably.

inside the tin
Ooh Treasure!

Christmas Lights from long ago
These will become ornaments on my tree this year.

Plastic fruit
Any ideas for using these?

Tortilla warmer
Why would my family have this? Interesting.

Studio decor.

I actually crafted with a couple of things I found.
This card and the wire were in amongst the treasures.
The shells I collected when I was a kid in Michigan
and now this memory jar is on a shelf next to my button jar.

Happy Crafting,

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alexa said...

You pose an interesting question here! I guess I might keep other people's things if it is something they have made or something which communicates something of the essence of that person ... ( I might let the plastic fruit go after photographing it!).