Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fish for Valentines day

It's that time again. That time of year when love takes over and boys go. "Ewww." Because it's Valentine's Day. My son is not into love and flowers and hearts and pink, but he does want to participate. Pinterest can be a great place to go for inspiration if your kid is not into pink flowers and hearts.

There was a picture in Family Fun magazine, and a pin on 
Pinterest  that both that both mentioned school and gave fish as a treat. One was Swedish fish and the other was goldfish crackers, which I thought was a much better treat. The kids get so much candy and he doesn't need any more sweetness.  So taking my inspiration from the goldfish crackers sample, the original coming from Mel at Bliss Bloom blog, I set out to make my own. one of the rules in our school district is that all the treats must be factory packaged so I couldn't follow Mel's directions completely. 

When I get a new set of acrylic stamps especially, I scan them into the computer and go to the Silhouette and make my stamp shape fussy cutting file.  The Stampendous Sushi Bowl Party set was perfect as a background for E's Valentines this year.  I used the bowl and the little bitty fish swimming in a school, as the base of the card.
 I use the shapes from the set, but not the stamped images themselves. E chose fish from the Recollections set called fun fish, for the focal point of each card. I'm quite protective of my Copic markers and wouldn't let him use them to color the fish. Well I would've but he decided to go to bed instead which was a better plan for him.

Once I got started I couldn't stop. I colored all of them, every single fish is colored either with Copic markers or Stampin' Up ink as watercolors. Some of the fish were stamped with Stampin' Up black which is great for watercolors. The rest were stamped with Momento tuxedo black, which hates water but loves a Copic marker. 

Sample 1 of the card that will go on a
package of Flavor Blasted Goldfish crackers.

Assembly will begin this evening and I will be sure to take pictures so that we can share them with all of you. 

First Reconciliation

Before we get to dinner, before we get to homework, before we get to assembly,  E has to go for his first face-to-face confession. First communions are a big deal, every sacrament should be a big deal, but having a appointment for 4:00-something on a Tuesday afternoon just doesn't seem all that special.  Maybe on the ride to the church, maybe after it's done, something will happen and it will feel a bit more special.

In Other News 

E has finally mastered the art of blowing bubbles with bubblegum. He has worked on this for a very long time and we are proud to announce that a bubble can be blown with the proper gum.

Happy Crafting,

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