Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day Munchkins

Final Valentines

Can you believe it? I'm back! And after just one day. Yesterday I told you I would show you the final of my son's Valentines. Here they are.

 Aren't they cute?
 all packaged and ready to go.
 I tweeted this one to Pepperidge Farms suggesting
 they put this on their packages for next Valentine's Day.
 If you see it next year you will know where it came from.

Valentines Lunch

 Like I said yesterday my son does not like lovey dovey stuff.  I used to send little notes in his lunch every day, he thought they were great. He still doesn't mind getting a note  but he does not want showy stuff with hearts and pink. I wanted to cut his sandwich into a heart-shaped today, he vetoed that so instead I hid the heart inside the sandwich. Not every bite will be as flavorful but he will know there is a heart.  I couldn't help myself I wrote love you on the plastic bag that held the sandwich.

Nothing like peanut butter and dried cherries.

I also included a message on his banana using the sharp point of a knife to poke small holes in the shape of a heart and the words "happy V-Day".  The message will darken by lunchtime.

So what did you do for your munchkin's lunch to show them you love them this Valentine's Day?

Happy Crafting,

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