Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Weekly Pinterest Roundup

I am trying to put together a workable weekly (not weakly) blogging schedule. Some days I am too busy to post anything. Work and Cub Scout meetings and standing appointments make a thoughtful, useful Thursday blog post nearly impossible.
In an effort to be a more regular blogger, I have decided to let my Pinterest followers/repinners decide what goes up on Thursdays. I've decided not to post images of items from my wish list because it makes this post longer than it needs to be and I would rather promote projects than products here. If however a company would like to send free products and/or cash my way to promote or review products I will not stop them and will gladly make repeated mentions of their fabulous (if that is the case) products. 
wink. wink. nudge. nudge. 
Yes I have been listening to a Dave Barry audio book, why do you ask?

Please do not pin from this page. Click on the link name under the image and see all the details that go with it from the source.

One of my own projects, really? Cool.

Happy Crafting,

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