Sunday, September 2, 2012

Removing broken glass without cutting yourself

I brought home pictures my dad had on display at his house that my sister didn't want. "I know what I look like, I would prefer to display pictures of other people," she said, and who could argue with logic like that.

One of these pictures was of my sister and her husband on their wedding day. I never got a copy of this picture and was happy to bring it home and display it in my living room. Unfortunately in transit the glass broke.

The break was like rays of light emanating from my brother in law's arm. Weird but beautiful.

If you ever have a broken bit of glass DO NOT touch the center of the break. I got a nasty glass splinter and no one wants that. I needed to get rid of that glass and save the picture.


Duct Tape to the rescue. I taped up the entire glass front.  Then opened the back and took the glass and tape out. 

Sadly the picture couldn't be saved because some kind of liquid got between the glass and the photo and the emulsion was stuck like glue to the broken glass.

I lost the photo and the glass but I still have a frame so it wasn't a total loss I guess.

Happy Crafting,

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Lynn Stevens said...

Well that's a really clever way of removing the glass, so sorry you lost the picture though.
hugs Lynn