Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOYWW 169 at Katemade Designs

It's been forever since I did a WOYWW post. I feel a bit nervous, it's like being a first date I have to look good, sound intelligent and show off my the bubbly part of my personality and hope that you like me enough to visit again.
The picture shows the latest addition to the work desk - WASHI! I've see the blog posts. I've pinned the cards and scrapbook pages. And I've dreamed of having a bit of this magic tape. I wanted it when it was only from Japan. Now that American craft companies have seen the profit potential the product is more accessible and the price is more reasonable. I picked up 3 rolls at Archiver's this weekend. I purchased 2 that were black and white, figuring I could color them as needed, and the pink striped one you see here. The colors and pattern match my blog, Twitter and Facebook page background and I thought it would be good for packaging of certain items.
The experiments card front was made with the Silhouette. I did a print and cut on the tricycle image from The Graphics Fairy. I flipped over a second cut (not printed) and used it as a mask for misting to give the feeling of coming and going. The flag was also done as a cut and print with the Silhouette because I hate to waste paper and time. The texture was made by running the Mr. Huey's Circle Graph Mask from Studio Calico through the Cuttlebug. I worked so well I may have to do that again and again and…
I also got the misting mask on this weekend's Archiver's trip. I was thrilled to see Studio Calico in a brick and mortar store. I thought they were only available online. I hadn't purchased it before because I like to see things before I buy them the first time. Now that I know the weight, quality, etc. I may have to go spend some money in the Studio Calico online store. Of course I need to find some money first.
The binder clips in the foreground are holding paper as the Mod Podge dries. I was tired of looking at the domino box that holds my adhesives. I'll show the finished project when everything is dry and has been decorated completely.

On the horizon

Friday Freebies - digi stamps, papers or Silhouette cuts
I'll be explaining pixel vs vector graphics in next Tuesday's Tutorial. 

Happy Crafting,


Amy E said...

Hi Katie! I love the idea you used on your card with masking the same cut you used!! Awesome!! And welcome to the Washi tape world..I LOVE that stuff!

Thanks for visiting! I've noticed that I kind of use my Smashbooks for different things than my normal scrapbooking. For me, scrapbooking is about bringing the focus to pictures, with paper, embellishments, and journaling. When I Smash, I tend to do it more about me and/or my experiences. I journal a lot more than I would on a scrap page, and I throw in ticket stubs or momentos. I have a few Smash pages of just the cards that people have sent me with blog candies or and giveaways that I've won. I loved all the cards and would never be able to throw them away, so Smashing them was perfect! And it's not something you would normally focus a scrap page on.

I had a bit of a tough time finding you so that I could come visit...Google+ doesn't like those of us who don't belong to it, so it was hard to get to your blog through it!! I always sign my name with my WOYWW # so that people will find me!! Sorry, dont mean to sound bossy or anything like that...just a thought!!!

Amy E. #6

Anonymous said...

My stamps are waiting patiently for the cleaning pad, nothing more exciting than that, perhaps if I leave them long enough they'll clean themselves? I haven't discovered the washi tape phenom yet!

Brenda 18

alexa said...

You have lots of interesting things on your desk :). I'm looking forward to seeing your revamped domino box...

scrappymo! said...

Can't wait to see the domino box finished up! It looks pretty interesting! It is sure fun to have our "special touch" on our containers!

Sandy said...

My mug tree works great for all those things that clutter up your desk. The great thing is it takes up hardly any room and I seem to find more and more things to hang on it. Thanks for the visit to my blog. Sandy :) #59

Redanne said...

Welcome back Katie, I find the whole WOYWW very addictive! I love your bicycle card, it's a beauty. I have some washi tape but have to confess I have not used it yet - waiting for inspiration I guess. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #32 (thanks for your visit)

Lindsay Weirich said...

cute card and tape LOL! In response to your question on my blog The binders are full of unmounted/clear stamps! I did a video on building the desk a couple of weeks ago! thanks for stopping by!

Morti said...

Ooh, cool stuff on your desk, and I like what you did with the Silhouette. Mine, sadly, is just the old SD, so print and cut is a non-possible dream till I upgrade... sigh....

Thanks for stopping by - glad you liked the TCR posts and are looking to join in! They really do need more participants!

Shoshi said...

Great card, Katie, and lovely to see someone else doing annotated photos of their work space lol! Fun, isn't it.

Thanks for your lovely comment - my Dad is improving a bit now, after another quite serious dip - he's up and down, and may well go down again but we live in hope that this is a real improvement now.

I didn't manage WOYWW this week - very exhausted after all that's been going on, and also totally inbvolved with the Paralympics!!


Katie said...

Thanks for your comment last week :) I love that card! The washi tape looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with! It kinda reminds of the tape that is the Smash journal line :) I have a black and white polka dot tape from them. Very fun!

Katie 155

VonnyK said...

I love your bike card, reminds me of a bike I had when I was little.
Lots of goodies on your desk.
Von #44

Buttons said...

This all looks really organised and creative Katie and that washi tape is great fun. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Buttons #66

lisa said...

Lovely to see you on WOYWW, Katie and thanks for the visit. See, I'm late too for the same reason. My baby starts big school today!!!
I love your bicycle card, that yellow is very striking. You'll have to let us know how you get on with your Washi tape. I haven't succumbed yet but have had a go at making my own.
Hugs Lisax #93