Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is scrapable?

What constitutes scrapability for you?

Is it the amount of photos you have? 

Do certain holidays, like Christmas and Halloween, or occasions, like birthdays and the first day of school, demand to be scrapped?

Are you an emotional scrapper, recording your feelings about things
and only scrapping when those feelings are strong enough?

I will scrap pretty much anything if the mood strikes me right. I don't even need photos. Actually too many photos can be paralyzing. I will freeze and not get anything done on my personal work if I have too many choices. For example, I have 125 photos of one parade at Disney in 2009 and I haven't scrapped it yet. There are just too many images to choose from. 

Ask me to edit other people's photos and I have no problems. I can look at them and identify which images will tell the story best and which to cut. But when they are in my collection and they are pictures my 6 y.o. took I am not so quick to cut because they mean a bit more to me.

I'm not good about scrapping holidays either, especially Christmas and the events leading up to it, because I am busy doing, creating, wrapping, cooking & baking and experiencing things to photograph them. I never think to stop flouring the counter top to photograph us baking cookies. I don't have enough hands to put the lights on the tree and take pictures of the process at the same time. 

Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with a camera in my face. Film and developing were expensive so photos were carefully considered. There are a few pictures of my childhood, generally posed or well staged images. Because they are rather rare they mean a lot to me, but my strongest memories have nothing to do with those pictures. There are no photos of my most intense memories, which all involve my sister and food: the cereal box hockey rink with the milk ring puck, the popcorn toss across the Indian blanket so the dog wouldn't get any, pizza muffins and jello.

So this year I am planning to take more pictures so that there is a better record of my son's childhood than mine. I also want to scrap those photos and my own childhood memories, even if I don't have photos. My plan is to do at least one page or spread a week, minimum. It remains to be seen how much gets done but at least I have a plan. I will try to post most of the pages so stay tuned.

I did scrap one thing from the holidays this year. We went to see Tangled in 3D on New Year's Eve and I scrapped it. We don't go to movies much so it's a scrapable event. 

I started out playing with my new Silhouette. A gift from a couple of friends who needed someone to watch their kids for winter break. Trying out the weld and offset functions and $23 was on my mind so I tried making that. Of course, as with so many of my projects, one thing leads to the next. I was going to need a focal point so I went to the Tangled website and found wallpaper featuring the female lead.

I didn't really plan on scrapping this movie - it just sort of happened. The design got rave reviews from my son. "Do you like it ?" I asked.
"Like it? No. I LOVE IT!" was his response.

The card stock is textured More Mustard. The purple  $ and 3 are Rich Razzleberry. The 2 and the text box are a patterned paper that was in a very old Christmas stack. The doily is from the $1 store and the tickets are from the theater.

Happy Crafting,


——>Katie Bolinger said...

I just realized the doily makes it look like her slip is showing.

Tracy.H said...

This is awesome. We saw Tangled over the holidays and we all LOVED it! :0)