Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's all about words

Today's post is all about words.
Translated words. My one word. Words I wish I'd never heard.

Asking Google "How many English words are there?" will get you to the Oxford Dictionaries site and you will learn:
"...that there are, at the very least, a quarter of a million distinct English words, excluding inflections, and words from technical and regional vocabulary not covered by the OED, or words not yet added to the published dictionary, of which perhaps 20 per cent are no longer in current use. If distinct senses were counted, the total would probably approach three quarters of a million."

Interesting Translation
I am not a world traveler (though I would love to see more of the world this year) but I have friends who are originally from other countries and they go back to visit friends and relatives from time to time. When they return they often have plastic bags from purchases made in their home countries. Last week a bag from Japan made its way into my home. The bag is from Tokyo Banana. I did a Google search and found Super which describes Tokyo Banana as:
"...a series of banana flavored sweets that are often considered to be the
#1 souvenir of choice to be given out as gifts by friends who have recently
visited Japan. Tokyo Banana basically are banana flavored custard cakes
meticulously wrapped and packaged in Japanese standards"

 I love reading packaging from other countries, especially when it contains translations.

< Here is the English translation found on the bag:

I like trying to figure out how to rewrite translations so they read better in English. This is a pretty good translation, you can figure out the message fairly easily. 
But this bit of text was not the reason I was drawn to the bag after it's contents were removed.

I love the designs on the bag. Fruit wearing head gear. 
A banana in bow, a strawberry in a boater. So stinkin' cute.

Click to see larger.

One Word - 2011
I was introduced to the idea of One Little Word a couple of years ago on the Ali Edward's Blog. I chose the word Light last year (see my post on that here: one little word). This year I learned that there is a similar program called My One Word started at the same time (2007) in the Port City Church in Wilmington, NC. They even have a website called My One Word. The video on the word "WAIT" is so powerful, it makes me want to choose it as my own word.

The last couple of years I agonized over my choice. It's daunting when there are three quarters of a million words to choose from. Plus new words are added to the lexicon every so often by imaginative writers. Twenty years ago the word Quiddich didn't exist and now college kids are doing their best to play this wizarding world game, sans flying of course.

My first thought for a Word for 2011 was BEGIN because I know I will begin so many things this year. I will begin classes. I will begin a job, eventually. I hope I will begin relationships that will last years. Begin is a good word. But I know I have begun many things that I have not finished. 

I think a better word is COMPLETE. I like words with more than one meaning. Complete means finish making or doing and it means having all the necessary or appropriate parts. I need to finish more of what I begin but I also want to live a balanced life being complete, and lacking nothing.

Kimberly Geswein chose Joy as her family's word for 2011 and listed several scriptures showing what a great word it was. I liked that so I will follow her lead:
James 1:4   Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
John 16:24   Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.
Yes COMPLETE is a better word than BEGIN or QUIDDICH.

Words I wish I'd never heard.

Originally uttered 75 years ago.
"All for one."
"And one for all."
"Every man for himself."

Yes it's the 3 stooges and my son is in love with them. The new station in town showed the Stooges ALL DAY LONG today. What a way to kick off a year and a station. He has seen far too many shorts and is starting to quote them. The above quote was uttered numerous times today because he thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard.

Tomorrow will be about the scrapping, I promise.

Happy Crafting,

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