Monday, August 16, 2010

Etsy Feed

Well it's open. Katemade Designs has items for sale! Woo Hoo.

Did you know you can subscribe to an Etsy shop via Google reader? I didn't either. I was at my Etsy shop, Katemade Designs, and accidentally hit the subscribe button on my bookmarks bar. Then my Google Reader said, "you're not subscribed to this feed, do you want to be?" I said, "Why Yes, Yes I would," just to see what would happen. So now I am subscribed to my own shop.

If anyone adds items to my shop I will know about it right away. I should probably get on that just so that feed has something to do. You can also click on the subscribe button on the shop's pages but I don't know if that goes to a reader or email or what.

Of course you can also subscribe to and/or follow this blog. If you like seeing my little creations and reading the goofiness I post then please help me reach the modest goal of 20 followers/subscribers to this blog.

Happy Crafting

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