Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weathering the storm

I love the clouds background stamp by Hero Arts. I first saw it used on Kristina Werner's blog in a post titled MACM – Greetings, Earthling!

I knew I wanted it the minute I saw her card. When I purchased it I was in a foul mood, my former employer had announced the imminent job cuts that week and I was sure I was on the list. My first thought for the stamp was to create a storm. I used a dark blue ink on a bit of going gray card stock and added depth with prismacolor pencils.

I added the umbrellas a couple of days later and it has been sitting on my drafting table ever since. While talking to one of my former coworkers whose position was also eliminated I saw the storm and the phrase "We'll weather the storm together" started running through my head. A few days after that bit of inspiration when my mood had greatly improved I decided to finish the card.

The blue sky use of the cloud stamp is happening now as you can see in these tags:

and this card:

I went to see the B-52's last night and I took a couple of pictures maybe I'll post those tomorrow but we were both up late last night. The kid was up past midnight and so we both need to get to bed.

Happy crafting,


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