Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Make your own Map

I love this road trip page. I always like when some image is used to replace a letter. I wanted to show a map of the trip but didn't want all the roads and towns and other writing that's on maps. So I had to make my own, and you can too.

Use a map from google or mapquest and make a square crop on the computer of the area you want to use. Then blow it up to the size you want, I used 12x12. It doesn't matter that it is messy just make it the size you want. Cut the states out, but do not resize in any way, then using contrast setting in your image manipulation program (I use Photoshop) darken the image. Do this for each state.

Print out each state separately. Choose the paper you want to use for your state and place it face down. Then take the print out and use a tiny bit of dry adhesive (SNAIL or tape) to keep it from moving around. Use the face down method ONLY if you can see the ink through the back of the print out. I used standard copy paper and it worked great.

I did this face down so the adhesive wouldn't muck up the good side of the paper. If you can't see through your paper you will have to reverse the image on the computer before printing it out. Always mark North or Top on your print outs so when you put them together you know how they go together - which end is up if you like. If you have a lot of pieces you may want to mark them on the back so you can keep them straight.

Our road trip went around Lake Michigan so we needed water paper. I let my son pick the darker side or the shimmery lighter side you can see he chose the darker piece. The states were made from some old Die Cuts with A View paper - the first stack I ever bought years ago, a sheet of round paper that I got at the Target Dollar Spot last fall, and a random bit of card stock. The letters, which I love for their size and font, are from Pressed Petals and the wooden elements are ancient embellishments from Marcella by K & Company. I searched the internet for license plates to use at the bottom and printed them out on photo paper.

My scrap companions thought I was crazed not to have at least a photo of the car on the page and urged me to run to the parking lot and get a shot of Mitzy (yes, the car has a name). I stood my ground and left it as is, showing off the route and the games we played on the way:
The license plate game - my son even had a write on wipe off board with a map of the country on it so he could check them off.
The state line woo - where you all yell "woo" as loud as possible as you cross the state line. Not to be confused with the state line "whoa" which is what you say if you cross the line into a state you were not intending to visit. Happened only once, I was lost in a blizzard long, long ago.
Are we there yet? - where the kid asks and we sing the 10 more miles to go song until we are sick of it.

More tomorrow. I need to go get ready for the B-52's at Ravinia tonight. Must finish up the tabouli.

Happy Crafting,

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