Monday, July 26, 2010

Ravinia, Metallic CS, Collage Worthy

The B-52's at Ravinia
I went to see the B-52's at Ravinia this past Wednesday and first of all thank you to Charlie and Mark for the tickets and thank you to all the people who watched my son that evening. I wouldn't have been able to go had it not been for your generosity.

Second, OMG can they still bring it. I remember dancing to the B-52's my freshman year in high school and that was a very long time ago and they are still out there doing their thing and looking good doing it.

We had lawn seats and if you are familiar with Ravinia you know that these are not your normal outdoor venue lawn seats. Bring a picnic basket and relax. "The smell of citronella and old money," as one friend quipped because these are not your wieners and chips kind of picnics. There are candelabras, glass vases with large bouquets of fresh cut flours, wine and more wine. You can't grill but you can eat very well without heating anything up.

I took some pictures but there are only a few that turned out. Here are a few of them, no not one image of the band turned out.

Bronze, Silver and Gold

The day after the concert I had an appointment in the Loop so the boy and I stayed with a girlfriend in the city (Thanks again Aunt K). After the appointment and lunch we headed off to the Paper Source. Just to see what they had on offer.

I found metallic cardstock (CS) in bronze, silver and gold in the discount bin, 50% off. They were all different sizes but I didn't mind. I stood there and envisioned what I would do with each of them before handing over the cash, so if you are on the Christmas card list be prepared.

The bronze CS was actually folded cards, which made this card easy to make. I stamped the image and water colored it, then adhered it to the base. OK but not great. Then I remembered my gold butterflies.

I used cardboard packaging from some Stash tea to make butterflies with the SU! butterfly die weeks earlier. How lucky/lazy can you get — sturdy pre-folded cardboard in white? Then I stamped and embossed the Baroque Motif swirl in white on the inside. Then I spritzed the butterfly with gold Pearlex in cheap hairspray. It's like Tattered Angels but a bit stinkier and a lot stickier. Because of the weight of the butterfly it's adhered with glue dots.

Don't know what I'll use this card for but I like it. What do you think?

High Resolution Collage Worthy Images

I have been uploading images to my Flickr site and then sharing them with the Collage Images group.

I am currently working on scanning and uploading The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, copyright 1895. There are a lot of figures and I am scanning the ones that seem most interesting for collage work, like Figure 70 here. What an interesting image of Intellectual Faculties. In 1895 apparently you could call someone "feeble" and no one thought anything of it.

If you are interested it altering books or anything else for that matter and need an image or 12 check out the Flickr Collage Images group there are a lot of interesting images there. Most of my images are 300 dpi, which is best for printing out and using in the physical world. A couple 200 dpi images sneaked through, my apologies.

Happy Crafting,

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