Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daylight is best

Last night I was experimenting with materials and inks and put together this lovely- one of the few things worth saving from the adventure.

This morning I've discovered something that is just as valuable as the knowledge of what works and doesn't work in the crafting part of putting together this blog. 7:45 am (at least in the summer) is the best time to take pictures. The sun comes in my office window and blinds me while I'm sitting at the computer but if I set up the giant sketch pad on the rolling cart and position it just so I have the perfect daylight photo studio. No wind. No glare from the table top. No need to stop when the sun moves higher in the sky because the studio is on wheels. I can shoot for about 2 hours before I lose my light indoors.

I suspect that there will be a lot more creating now that I know I have such a wonderful set up for photographing my creations. Funny how that works. I dug in boxes of old cards to find things that I haven't shared and shot a few this morning. I'll be sharing those as well as new creations in the days and weeks ahead.

Happy Crafting,

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