Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting ready for the BIG School.

My son starts 1st grade tomorrow. This afternoon there is a teacher's meet and greet BBQ at the school and we get to tour the school and drop off his school supplies.

Last Wednesday evening we bought new shoes and some clothes. Last Thursday he had his physical for school and I had to take the day off for that event. He was not a happy camper after it was all over because of the finger prick. Needles are not his thing and blood and pain are not good either so we went out and had a great day taking our minds off the band-aid on his finger.

First we went to lunch at Rainforest Café, his favorite restaurant we can't really afford to eat at often. It ain't McDonald's and that is good and bad. So after the dino-shaped chicken nuggets and Lava Mud™ dessert we set off for the other attractions of THE MALL.

We visited RIDEMAKERZ which is where he would have his birthday if I could afford it and if his birthday wasn’t the weekend before Thanksgiving. They are not booking any parties for that weekend through Christmas.  I asked.

We went to the Lego Store. We went to the Sony Style Store and the boy played a couple of games on the computer there. He even let me go through Papyrus, to see what that was about. I'd never been in the store before but when I left I felt good about my work and had a couple of ideas for future works.

But the majority of our time was spent in the Apple Store.  I spent most of my time playing on one of their fancy new iPhones and almost all of that time was spent playing WordFu. This app is the only reason I really want an iPhone. I don’t text, don’t use the internet on my phone, don’t use the offered call in gps service. I, wait for it, I make phone calls on my phone. I know it is a bit old fashioned but I just don’t see the point for a driving commuter to have a game phone.

Friday my dad arrived from Michigan and offered to take us out to dinner. Where did we go? Rainforest Café. After that is was back to the Apple Store.  I spent most of my time on this visit talking to an actual sales man and found out that, Yes, I can afford to replace my 9 year old laptop with something more up to date. It won't be a laptop, but I haven't used my laptop as a laptop in years. Stay tuned for the squeals of delight when I finally do make the purchase.

Saturday we went to a party at the boys old school and got to say goodbye one more time to the teachers and he felt much better about going to a new school after meeting high schoolers who had gone to his daycare center. He knows he can do this now.

Yesterday we went miniature golfing and I lost. I am much better when not blinded by sun and when there aren't a bunch of people waiting for me to go. I really stunk the place up. The boy got a hole in one, with an assist from mom.

This morning we timed the walk to and from school - 7.5 minutes from our front door to the main entrance of school and then back to my car. Not a bad commute. We also found out his teacher's name and peeked in the window of what I believe is his class room. He disagrees though. 

"This is a kindergarten classroom. See A, B, C. That's kindergarten stuff."

Yes this is going to be an interesting year.

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