Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Shoes on the First Day of Grade School

The Shoes Day 1
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Yesterday was the first day of first grade for my little darling. He woke up and got dressed rather quickly for him. I had laid out his clothes the night before and made sure to loosen the laces of his new sneakers so that he could get them on easily.

When I got out of the shower he was already dressed, shoes and all, and downstairs getting breakfast together with my dad, who had come to watch him on Monday when there was no school or child care and to play paparazzi on his first day.

When I came downstairs I noticed that he was wearing his dress shoes but he assured me he had the sneakers in his backpack. Box and all.

My dad did the paparazzi thing and some of those pictures are can been seen on my flickr site. But I had to get a shot of those snazzy shoes.

I drove directly home, got out of the car and walked over to the school. I signed him out of the after school program and noticed that the shoes were not longer snazzy. They were anti-snazzy. They were ruined. I still had the camera in my purse from the morning photo shoot so I took a picture of the after effects.

Last night my son continued his lessons. No homework from the teacher but he did learn how to shine shoes from mom. Thank God we had black shoe polish.

It was raining this morning when we were getting ready for school and work. While he was using the bathroom I called to him, "You know another great thing about polishing your shoes? The polish protects your shoes against the rain."

The single word response, "SWEET!"

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