Wednesday, August 19, 2009

playing through the stress

My son is starting 1st grade next week and he is really nervous about the whole thing. He has been at the same daycare center/kindergarten since he was 10 weeks old and he is having some serious separation anxiety.

His teachers have told me about a lot of misbehavior lately that is not his usual style. He isn't perfect but these antics are just not him. The teachers also informed me that this is normal for kids who have been at the school for a long time and, well, he has been there longer than any other student currently enrolled.

His anxiety has been weighing on me, as well as all the prep for school – getting school supplies, new clothes, physical exams and making arrangements for after school care. This is all new to me and well I'm not really liking a lot of it. Probably because his anxiety is draining all the fun out of shopping.

When I get stressed out I tend to go to old things. Comfortable things. Things I know about. This week it's the old things I've been uploaded to my Flickr site for artists to play with. I've dipped into the digital ATC world and produced a quick piece of play. A lunch time distraction from bills, school prep and real work.

Hope you like it.

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