Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My first scrapbook page

4th of July 2003 - love at first sight/love at first bite
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In November of 2002 my son was born but it took until the Fourth of July weekend of 2003 for me to visit her so they could meet. That weekend was also my son's first taste of watermelon so this is a page celebrating both of those events.

I don't care for my handwriting and I didn't have time to cut out every letter. 2003 (or more likely 2004 as it takes me a while to get going) was BC in my house — Before Cuttlebug, so I typed the subheads, Love at First Sight Love at First Bite, in Illustrator on the computer and did all the text there. I was so new to scrapbooking that I adhered the items directly to the white metal edged page. I wish I hadn't done that now.

Hopefully the pages I create this weekend will be a bit better.

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