Thursday, May 7, 2009

Halloween 2003 - Penguin Boy

Halloween 2003 - Penguin Boy
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Ok so we're moving on and the learning curve is starting to flatten a smidge.
This page was done to celebrate Halloween 2003. My boy the penguin.

I used cardstock I had purchased in bulk at Costco. The solid colored cardstock is 2-sided (always think this sounds weird because all paper has 2 sides, but of course I mean the paper has different colors/patterns on the different sides) and when you fold it the crease is more of a crack and the white core shows. This was obviously PSU (pre-Stampin' Up!) as the quality is horrible for cards. So the rest of this this cardstock waiting to be scrapped upon, but I digress.

I used the first alphabet set I ever purchased from Stampin' Up! and a moon man face for the title. I like that it's embossed it adds a little something something. Kind of wish I still had that set on occasion.

The layout is clean, which is in sharp contrast to the area it was created in. I would love to create the busy brightly colored pages I see in the blogs but it goes against the grain when I get down to work on pages, cards, etc. I want to tell the story and the story is often hidden behind all the embellishments when I go the busy route. I don't scrap enough perhaps to free myself of the story aspect of it.

Enough of my rambling time to go clean, organize, pack something for this weekend.

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