Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crazy Great: a Polar Bear Plunge and Disney

2009 started out quiet enough. I was in bed sound asleep by 9:30 pm on December 31 and woke up late on New Years' day. A much needed rest. New Year's day was a stay-at-home, do-nothing much kind of day. But…

Some people worked out, getting a jump start on those resolutions. Some were trying to survive the hangover. Some sat around watching football. My cousin Janet was taking the plunge. The Polar Bear Plunge in Sheboygan, WI. Not only was she crazy enough to do it. It was professionally videotaped for the Sheboygan Press where she is affectionately known as the "News at Noon Girl". See the video here Odyssey of a Polar Bear Newbie.

The only thing we did was hang new calendars and decorate one as a COUNT DOWN TO DISNEY WORLD. I found a wood-mounted set of 4 stamps featuring Mickey and Minnie at Joann for a $ (dollah) and used those.
Mickey called my son on Christmas morning and spilled the beans on the trip. It will be me my son and my dad. Dad needed a vacation after last year and we agreed the boy is old enough to remember the trip and young enough that we can take him out of school for a week so we're off. It's just 38 days until take off.

So this year is promising to be Crazy Great. Especially compared with last year. The new catty comes out on the 19th and the reports from Leadership have me excited about the future. If you want any of those retiring sets or accessories act now. You only have 9 more days on the stamps and some of the accessories are already gone. Go to my website to buy online. If you'd rather talk to me in person my phone number is listed there.

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