Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great Restraint - almost

I was going to go home for lunch today and clean. The place is in need of a good scrubbing. Dishes, bathrooms, floors, the works. I was going to go to my Pack & Ship place and pick up my orders on Friday. There should be several boxes and a couple of envelopes there by then.

I tried to call to see how may packages had already arrived and there was no answer, that's odd. Hmm. I should go see if Bill (the guy that runs the place) is ok. Yeah right, I should go see if my catalog is in. And…it was! with a bunch friends! - 3 boxes of catalogs. Woo Hoo. BTW Bill is fine.

So now did I show great restraint when I got home and set to cleaning the place and making it beautiful for next week's holiday activities. Yeah right. I looked at my catty and forgot to even eat, that's how cool it is. There are some beautiful things in this one ladies (and gentlemen).

I did show great restraint in the end. I left it at home so that when I was at work I would be able to work.

Catalog spoilers

If you have a child learning to write, as I do, there is a wheel, and 3 stamp sets for you.

If you liked the Baroque Motif in the preview catty then this catalog is going to thrill you, there are so many things that go with it, stamps, wheels, papers. I'M SO EXCITED.

Like tools? This is the place, so many new punches and tools.

Embellishments your thing? The new ribbon is gorgeous. The pretties kit is a must see and if you like to add brads and are into bling the new fire and ice brads are for you.

Need to get your own catalog?
Email me at to reserve yours.
Book a party and it's your free, spend $75 in an individual order and it's your free.

Mention this blog when booking a party in July and get an additional free gift.

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