Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Stamps!!!

I got my preorder and as always second guessed myself as I was mounting the stamps. I've seen beautiful samples using the stamps I got, could I do something like that? Well maybe, but I know I can do what I bought them for. These cards are the reason I got the garden silhouette set.

I love Chocolate chip together with cool carribean - yum. The cool carribean stamped off on the background may not be visible in the picture but it really adds to the card. I think it looks rather elegant. Though when I do it again I will probobly not be putting "lovely" on it.

I had a bit of extra wide brown ribbon - almost as nice as the new ribbon coming to the catalog - and decided to put it on the second card along with the canvas background on apricot appeal. My son likes this one better than the first one.

The third card is the reason I bought the wheel set instead of the vase set. "A little bird told me" is a bit too long for the word window punch but if you cut the strip to the proper height you can put only half in the punch to round the ends. The garden silhouette on the background is a nice touch. Still love the bird from Natural Beauty. Not getting rid of that set any time soon.

These are incredibly simple designs but I make simple, hopefully elegant, cards.

I have a slew of other creations to post but need to clean out the memory card on the camera to photograph them. Also I've got to pick up my duster and finish cleaning in here. It's another day and I need to get busy.

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Ticia said...

How exciting! They are beautiful!