Friday, June 29, 2007

The Price of Love

= $894.94 +$11.50 for binding.

Yes, I had my catty spiral bound and I have already started writing in it (lightly in pencil). Notes like "little pieces too"next to the Don't Miss It note on page 95 and "works with whimsy wheel pg 101" next to Stem Sayings on page 133.

I haven't gotten must sleep lately, I forget to eat, the things I need to do (bills, cleaning, watering the garden - it looked like rain I swear) have not been getting done since I got the new catty. It's like I'm 15 and in love for the first time. But in a way it's like that. I am a newish demonstrator looking to bump it up a notch with this new catalog. I'd like to demo beyond my circle of friend and meet new people.

I have been working into the wee hours getting door prize and hostess gifts together. A lot of stamping on a small scale -small cello toppers and ink pad belly bands. It's been fun but when you have to go to work in the morning it's a bit silly to be stamping into the wee hours of the morning. The last few days when I go to bed I just lay there thinking, "now" and that doesn't work so I get up and I work.

Now on to the money bit. I am so completely anal or is it just lazy or is it bad with math or is it... Well whatever it it I have put together an excel spread sheet I call wish list. I enter the item number, the name, the quantity and the price and it figures out the tax for my area, S/H and adds it all up (after I enter the info for about 4-5 items — it needs to learn the macros apparently) and the program gives me my in-hand cost per item and also give me a grand total. My grand total initially is $894.94. This is an impossible number for me right now so I will have to choose the most important items like the CROP-A-DILE.

July 1st the order goes in for the CROP-A-DILE, property lines (which fit perfectly on Avery lables) and the My ABCs wheel. I'm hoping it will help my son when he writes his greetings in the cards he makes. All the letters are there but they are all over the place and it looks more like letter practice than actual words. The only word that is readable is his name.

I'm sure I will get other things but I need to pace myself. Well I've done it again it's 2:39 am and I am sitting her typing to you. BTW if you are interested in getting the demo wish list spread sheet let me know by commenting here or emailing me ( I can tailor it to non-demos too but I haven't needed to yet.


Ticia said...

Yeah for you!!! I am still waiting for mine! :(
I am sure I will have a huge wish list too. I can totally understand the spreadsheet!

SpAzzGiRL said...

No catalog here!! Waaaahhhhh!!
Always the last to get the good stuff...SU is torturing me, I swear.
The Crop-o-dile is the bomb girl, I love mine and have had it a year, it is amazing.