Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finally it's Tomorrow

Tomorrow Never Comes
That's what a good friend titled an email in response to my last post. So these posts are here for the general stamping public but most especially for a friend who will put my feet to the fire and make me keep my promises. Love ya Carla.

Gift Card Birthday
This card was for a co-workers birthday. Her staff asked me to create a card to hold a gift card so I made this cute 2 pocket purse.

Stamp a Stack Samples
I learned a lot from my first Stamp a Stack event. First, I have a tendency to make things a bit too complicated but my guests did a fine job of rising to the occassion. Second, I am too much of a procrastinator. Third, I need to work on my time estimating skills. I'm a faster card maker than a beginner and need to remember that when designing for other people.
Here's a couple of tips: A "U" is a "U" front and back. Stamp the "U" from All About U on the back of patterned paper and cut it out for a clean decorative letter. When cutting out the "U", use your 1/4" punch to get a nice clean cut at the bottom of the inside of your letter.

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