Saturday, June 9, 2007

Vacation's all I ever wanted...

I have wanted a real vacation for a long time. I don't mean sun, sand and surf (I burn too easily, don't like grit in my shorts and can't swim), I mean no work and no kid. I love my son but I needed some time to do for me. Well this is the end of the week of me. It was also my BIRTHDAY week. I had a good time cleaning (imagine that) and seeing friends and stamping (I had 3 workshops this past week -- I think I'm done for the month). I even got a birthday massage.

My son had a good time at grandpa's house. They were very busy going to the kids wooseum, the play park, the zoo and kayaking. And the most important thing for my son this week -- cable TV. Disney channel and Noggin were big hits.

I wanted to post every day of my vacation. I have enough pictures to do that, but now I am in my old bedroom 2 states away from my computer wishing I had gotten all the things on my to do list. I will have to work around our regular schedule again to finish all the projects I started.

I promise tomorrow night there will be pictures. I don't want this to be a monthly blog but looking at the last post date it's become that. I wish I were more disciplined about this kind of stuff. Well all kinds of stuff really.

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