Sunday, March 6, 2016

Playing catch up

Best intentions

Sometimes no matter how good your intentions are you fail. Stuff happens and takes your focus, energy, and/or desire away. I had every intention of posting regularly to the blog and even more regularly to Instagram. Well, I got the Instagram part right, sort of. I try to make a card or cards every day but writing a blog post each day isn't happening. I just don't have that much to say.  Posting to Instagram is so much quicker, easier, and more practical for what I do. If you want to see those daily please follow me here: 

I am still working on the "Use Every Stamp Challenge" so I am not able to purchase new stamps, even though my wish list is long. Here is the link to my wish list on Pinterest. I am not allowed to purchase new stuff but nothing was said about receiving new stamps as a gift.

stamp gift AI

Being Social

I have recently joined some crafty groups on Facebook. One of my favorites is Stamping Enablers. I think I found my people y'all. I've learned things. I've been in conversations and I've even won a stamp set. The sentiment and kitty from this card are both from the Art Impressions set Loving Feline. The shoes are from Claudine Hellmuth and the rest is me just cutting paper and coloring with Copic Markers.

I plan to make several of these cards for The Tree House Humane Society. I can't volunteer there. Can't even walk in the place because of allergies. But I love cats and want to help find homes for them if I can. I have not been able to attend their fundraisers. But I can make cards, with my friend who does volunteer there, to sell in their gift shop.

Organization Tip

One of the topics in the Stamping Enablers group is organization. But then isn't it always a topic among paper hoarders crafters. Storing stuff so it's accessible is huge for me and there was a discussion recently about storing blending foams that go on those Ranger blending tools. Divided boxes were popular but I have a system that I found works great for me.

I only have 2 blending tool handles and I don't have a lot of room to store more. I have a foam for each color I own because if you use the same foam for multiple colors it really muddies up the ink pads. I stamped the ink color on a slip of cardstock and used the blending tool to add color to the end of the card. After writing the color name on the card I slipped it and the foam into a badge holder. Once they were all colored, stamped and labeled I put them on a binder ring. I added another ring to the first ring so I can hang it on the knob under my drafting table.

Happy Crafting,


alexa said...

That's a very neat system, Katie :). said...

That's a neat tip for storage :). I have sooooo many stamps I've never even used, especially since I like digital work. But I really ought to do something with them! That looks like a great challenge.