Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Find the Center of Spellbinders Dies

Sometimes I need to know how large a Spellbinders die is and sometimes I want to know where the exact center is. I could eyeball this but I am a bit of a perfectionist, control freak, geek (you pick the description) and would prefer to have a permanent guide on my dies. I've figured out how to do this once and for all and thought I would share it with you. 
How to Find the Center of Spellbinders Dies
You will need 
•  a Spellbinders die with a symmetrical shape
•  your die cutter (I use a Cuttlebug)
•  a piece of copy paper
•  a thin point, permanent marker (I used a Sharpie)

Cut the shape out of copy paper.
Fold the paper in half.
Fold it in half again. Make sure you have a nice crisp crease.
Unfold the paper and put it back inside the die. Turn the die over so you don't see the cutting edge.
Use your marker to draw four lines on the edge of the die that line up with the four folds on the paper.

Take the paper out and refold it along one of the creased lines. Measure the width of the paper along that creased line. This is the size of your die, write it directly on your die and you will never be guessing again.

When you want to line up the die with text in the future you have a guide. When you want to cut a half or quarter of the design you have guidelines.

If you need to find the shape's center all you need to do is get out a pencil and a ruler. With the paper still in the die, line up the ruler with the guides and draw a faint line near the center. Repeat with the other 2 guide lines. Where the two lines intersect is center.

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Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

You are a complete genius. This is SUCH a good idea. Talk about being organized!

alexa said...

Now that's a neat idea! Thank-you!