Friday, October 7, 2011

"Painting" with Copics

The Rock Star Rosie Benefit was a great success and Katemade Designs was one of the most successful vendors. There were about 500 in attendance between visitors and volunteers.

I have been trying to update the website but my computer is not liking Dreamweaver or Flash for the last few days, crashing before pages can even be opened let alone changed. I couldn't sleep last night and tried again when I got up at 3:30. When the programs refused to open again I turned to creating without pixels. 

I pulled out a canvas board and a paint pen and started drawing. I only have a few paint pens, a think black, a white and 2 shades of green, but I wanted to use other colors for the leaves and didn't want to clean the desk and dig out the regular paints so I tried ink as a watercolor wash. It barely colored the board. You can see the pale purple in the bottom center. I then turned to Copics to paint the leaves and WOW. 
Copics reacted with the paint from the pen and allowed for some really nice shading. When coloring on cardstock it's best to make small circles, which is how I would use crayons, to maintain a wet line and consistent color. Last night I used the brush tip more like a brush on the canvas board than I do when I am coloring on cardstock. I really liked the process and am pretty happy with the results too. My son asked if he could HAVE the art work for his room.

So what do you think? 
Have you ever used Copics on canvas?  Have you ever used Copics markers like they were paintbrushes?

The particulars
Paper: Canvas board
Colorant: Paint pens and Copics

Happy Crafting,

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Lynn Stevens said...

So glad to hear the benifit was a huge success! All because of people like you!
hugs Lynn