Monday, June 13, 2011

Wheel O' Fun for Bored Kids

This morning I went out to put up the umbrella over my patio table and found that it wouldn't stay up. It would stay open but not up. The knob that tightens the rod in the holder was broken.
< See. I left it open and low to the table because we could sit under it, we just couldn't stand under it. I bumped the umbrella getting out from under it and it moved — a lot.

Light bulb.

I've been trying to find a way to get my son and his friends away from the electronic games that seem to grow out of their hands.  So I went in the house and found a big magic marker. It didn't write well because it was old but it worked well enough. I wrote active works on the sections of the umbrella and invited them to take a spin.

They loved it. There is a line in the patio that separates one slab of concrete from another and we used that as our pointer. They took turns spinning and doing the activity that landed before them. They walked, ran, skipped, danced, crawled, played tag around the house until they were tired. Then it was snack time in the cool little fort that my patio table has become.

My first thought was to go to the Silhouette and cut out the words in cool fonts and make it all "pretty" but the umbrella is a sight, not going to be keeping it, and I didn't want to waste the vinyl. If you want to try this trick but are interested in saving the umbrella try taping words to the sections instead.

Have fun. Keep Cool.
Happy Crafting,

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