Monday, October 4, 2010

World Card Making Day VS Fall Camporee

 If you were to give me a choice between making cards all day and camping card making would win. But it you change it around a bit and give me a choice between spending all day alone in the stufioffice or spending it with my son doing things he loves. Well then my kid wins hands down.

We were able to go on this trip with no out of pocket expenses for me this year because of my son's popcorn sales last year. My son has asked me to ask my online friends if they want to buy popcorn to help him earn his own way through Scouts again this year. Being unemployed means I don't have office mates to ask so I am asking you: would you like to buy some popcorn and help a mom, er, kid out. Trails End is great popcorn and if you order online they will deliver it to your door so even if you live in say, Indio, CA  {:- )]  you can help a kid in Illinois be a scout. Use this link with code 79936evan674
and it will help my kid.

So we went to the Chain-O-Lakes State Park for Fall Camporee this weekend and it was, well, cold. Cold is the first thing that comes to mind but there was a lot of fun too. There were about 40 people on the trip. We hiked and my son played with the other scouts while I got to know the other scout dads (I am the only single mom in the pack that I know of - at least the only one that was at camp this weekend).  

Saturday evening we all went to Richardson's Farm which boasts the largest Corn Maze in the World. It's 11 miles of walking through corn. The theme this year is 100 years of Scouting and the maze was awesome. We went at night because it's apparently more fun then. Small groups ventured out together and our den leader led the way with his toddler daughter on his back.

Because we were there at night it was, well, dark. Our group headed toward the big scout head at the far end of the maze so we could pick his nose then headed to the ear for a virtual wet willy. It was a blast.

Trying to keep 10 boys and their parents together in a crowded maze in the dark was more difficult than we anticipated. At one point we crossed paths with another group featuring a man carrying a kid in a backpack carrier. My son and his buddy started following them. They were missing for about 35 minutes. This is panic time for me. I was walking around calling him and teens would howl back. I thought about how I would ream him out for not staying with the group, what words I would use to reprimand him, how I would scold him.

He and his buddy found themselves at a marker in the maze we had already been to and they stayed put until an employee showed up and then they asked for help. Just what they should have done. Kind of proud of them for knowing who to ask and getting the help they needed on their own. Best part he said he was never really scared.

When we reconnected back at the picnic area. I talked calmly asking first if he had fun. I told him gently how much I was worried and how much he meant to me. Then I hugged the heck out of him. He told my sister that I hugged him so hard he thought I was going to kill him and I guess that's right. You think about how you're going to "kill this kid" when you find him and really you just hug them hard and they feel like you're killing them.

I knew that this trip would be scrap-able and that the apple picking event we went on last month was in need of documenting but I hadn't finished last year's events (busy or lazy you pick). So before we left I got one more page done. Here you go crafty readers, Becoming a Wolf:

The particulars:
The papers are from Stampin' Up! -  Real Red textured12x12. So Saffron card stock and the pale yellow is from an unknown source. (Note to self, keep better track of manufacturers.)
The patterned pieces are actually fabric that I put stiffener on then cut with Spellbinders on the Cuttlebug.
The wolf badge die cut is from K & Company. They have a line of Scouting papers and embellishments that make scrapping scout events so easy.

Happy Crafting,

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Aunt Polly said...

I cannot wait to see how many people write to find out where the heck Indio, CA is! My favorite part is that in the "Becoming a Wolf" photo it looks like he's flashing the peace sign!