Monday, October 25, 2010

What are these pages for?

Do you ever create pages just for the art
and have no idea what they are for?

I have done this twice in the past couple of weeks and I just have no idea what I am going to use these for. I told you yesterday I make tags to test new techniques. They are small and inexpensive and I learn by working with them.

Yellow bit here ^ from rubbing the paper across drying paint on Craft Sheet.
Paper puckered from paint, is this salvageable?

Well these pages are the same way. I am selling my Stampin' Up! Infinite Goodness Hostess set, it will be in the Etsy shop within the week, but I wanted to see how the pear from this set would look on a page. Would it be big enough to help tell the story of saving the trees in front of my house? Well I hated the two I stamped to begin with. So as I often do I went whole hog and stamped out the frustration of "this isn't working."

I wanted to give the project a chance so I decided to try and paint them, because see through pears just don't work. Well now I kind of like these pears and I really enjoyed painting them so I may be using them after all but I'm thinking I may have too many there to do the job of telling the "I saved these trees" story. Maybe I should use pics of the tree in bloom from several springs ago when it was just amazingly while with blossoms. Maybe I could use this page to tell the story of picking pears from the tree with a friend.

Decisions. Decisions.

I'm thinking stitching across the ridges of the hills. What do you think?

Then there is this beauty. It's no where near being done. I woke up thinking I should use my Martha Stewart butterfly punch to make leaves on trees and the trucks should be from books pages. The wood grain stamp is from All Night Media.

My vision was similar, but not the same as this. I couldn't do this on a tag. Wouldn't fit. But now I have no idea what to use this page for. It's not as easy as the pear page.  I can wing it on that one. I have a pear tree. This image/layout doesn't mimic any part of my life that I can think of.

Any suggestions? Any ideas? Help!

Happy Crafting,


Tammy said...

Your current creations are beautiful. You can leave the hills as they are. It looks great!

Kalyber said...

thanks tam

Pearl Maple said...

Fun pages you have been creating, love the color in the pears and the hills look fabulous.