Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No Cards today

Since pushing the button to put yesterday's post up I've been cleaning up puke. Not non-stop mind you but several (6) times. My son has strep and he's miserable. If you are the praying type say a quick prayer that my son eats and drinks a bit tomorrow. He is terrified to ingest anything and today I'm not pushing it. But he needs to get some fluids in him at least.

I didn't want to run the vacuum while he napped because I didn't want to wake him (or clean) so
I crafted and looked for work online. The best light for photographing is between 7:45 and 9am and because there was nothing created by then so there are no pictures. Hopefully tomorrow he will just rest and the light will be with me for photos.

Stay well, 'cause sick SUCKS, and happy crafting,

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