Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simple Journey

I'm still in the urge to purge mode. When I am in this mode I look through the scraps that I keep next to my work table in Sterilite drawers . I found these small drawers on sale at Meijer years ago and I love them.

I have a drawer for each color group:
White, Vanilla, Vellum
Reds/ Pinks
Plus one for PreStamped or Punched and one for Patterned Paper.

The drawers are long enough to hold paper that is 8.5" wide and 5.5" long or in other words I can put half a sheet in these drawers so when I cut a sheet for one card I can put the other half in the drawer. That way when I'm in the "I want to create a card but not work too too hard" mode I can get card bases easily. It may not be a perfect system for everyone but it's perfect for me. What do you do with your paper scraps? How small is worth saving? How do you store them?

I found each element for today's card in these drawers. I'm not that good at masculine cards but I think I did OK with this one. One great thing is that it's so simple. Most of the men I know prefer that there not be a lot of stuff on a card. It's distracting and they just want us to get to the point.

Happy Crafting,

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Lynn Stevens said...

Hi katie,
just wanted to let you know I received my postage stamps, Theres some really cool ones in there too. Thanks so much for your generosity!
hugs Lynn