Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Look for a New Day

I have changed the look of the blog, not sure if the background image is going to stay but I like the layout. It's a new look for a new period in my life.

Friday was my last day at work. My position was eliminated, along with the positions of several of my coworkers, after nearly 20 years. It's the kick in the seat of the pants that I needed to move on with so many things.

After all the end of employment paperwork is done I will have a bit more time and a lot less stress. Yes I am unemployed and that has it's own stresses but I am trusting that God has a plan and it will be good. My new full time job will be to find a full time job but I will also have time for this blog that has been sorely neglected.

My mojo has been a no show for quite sometime because of the stress of "possibly" losing my job. Now that it's gone the stress level is so much lower and the ideas are starting to come back. I am excited about the future again. Excited about crafting. Excited about creating.

I intend to be a daily blogger, posting vintage images found at my aunt's treasures and new creations, plus a few posts about parenting life. I hope you will enjoy the offerings here and tell your friends. I intend to purge my collection of crafty supplies soon and will be selling some items and giving away others so add me to your blog reader for the gifting.

Now on to the images.
This is a larger collection of images from an ad for Fruit of the Loom dresses - just $1. They were more than undies and sweats back in the day. These images and more can be found at my Flickr site in the Collection titled FYAO. Free images.

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.

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Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Katie,
I'm new here, So sorry to here they eliminated everyone job, esp after 20 years. That is a shocker. I hope this opens new doors for you and look forward to seeing your art!