Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just a Note to Say Hello


I have been making these cards for a while now and I am ready to show them off. While going through stuff with the urge to purge I found the rubber stamp on top of an envelop full of postage stamps and I thought they would look good together and you know what, I was right.

I still have a boat load of postage stamps from years ago (the perks of working in an office that a sweepstakes was mailed to) I'm still making this design in a variety of colors: Yellow, Blue, Purple, Reds, Green. I will have them posted on Etsy soon in packs of 6 (if it works for beverages it should work for cards, right?)

If you are interested in crafting with postage stamps I can hook you up. Comment here with the subject "I want postage" and I will send you some postal love to the first 10 commenters. I will need an email so I can contact you directly and get your addy if it's on your blog that works.

Happy Crafting,


Beate said...

Katie, those cards look wonderful!
Hugs and smiles

Jane Wetzel said...

these are GORGEOUS! WOW- so happy to have found your blog.... :) tfs!

Terry said...

Stunning cards! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow great stamps! how lucky to have so many to pick from!