Wednesday, April 14, 2010

happy hippy

I'm really happy with the customer service at Hewlett-Packard today. I recently purchased a new printer/scanner/copier. When I installed the software it turned out to be just a printer/copier. I emailed my problem to HP customer service. I got a reply the next day (I emailed at about 1am so I didn't expect an immediate response), followed the steps and it now works great.

I will be scanning a load of images from books and newspapers I received from my aunt's house. There were newspapers from WWII lining the drawers of some furniture I inherited and I thought someone out in Craft Land could put them to good use. The image here is just the first. This is from a newspaper ad for Roman Meal bread. The original (cleaned up so it's black and white instead of yellowed and grey) is below and available on my Flickr site along with the word "Hippy?" which I think is funny.

Happy crafting.


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