Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween was reinstated

I received several calls from adults begging me to reinstate Halloween. My friend, The Queen of Halloween, begged for my son's release. My dad, who originally thought a month was an appropriate amount of time for a punishment called asking for a special dispensation. Even his teacher, the person he showed such disrespect for, asked if he could please participate in the Halloween activities.

So we changed the punishment a bit, if he could write the dictionary definitions of the words, cheat, respect and self-control before Friday, he could go trick or treating and to the party The Queen of Halloween was having after the celebration of candy greed. Initially he was agreeable but when he saw how long a dictionary definition was there were tears and a bit of loud conversation. He ultimately got down to it and even got excited about getting it done so he could participate.

Well today he donned the Robot costume from a couple of years ago, it looks so small on him now, and headed out with the other boys. About 3/4 of the way through the trick or treating he said he was done. "I have enough candy I'm done." He must feel awful, what kid says that.
"Are you feeling ok?" I asked.
"Well my tummy doesn't feel so good. I want to go lie down." He didn't have a fever so I ruled out flu or infection of some kind. He wasn't allowed to eat any of the candy on the trek so I knew it wasn't rat poison or anything like that.
We went to the The Queen of Halloween's house and he laid down for a bit. It's hard to stay down when there are three screaming boys in the playroom and you want to join them. He seemed to be doing fine, he has a few chips, and crackers and a but of lemonade and was back to himself. We chalked it up to hunger.
When the pizza arrived we all ate. He was in the dining room with one of the other moms and I got to eat with the adults in the kitchen. Soon the The Queen of Halloween was calling me because he was getting sick. I found my poor son kneeling on the floor of the bathroom hoping to release the demon within. We pack up as quickly as we could, hoping it was not something contagious, and left for home. By the time we got home, a mere 15 minutes later, he seemed fine again.
I was tired but my bed was covered in clean laundry that needed folding so I got busy. He was in his room reading books and came to tell me he was almost done with the series (easy readers) and had only 3 books to go. I asked him to take a stack of his clothes to his room and put them away. He took them to his room. He returned a few minutes later to tell me he was done with the books. I congratulated him and asked him to take another stack of folded clothes to his room and put them away. I put away all my clothes, picked up the basket to take it down to the laundry room and noticed 2 large stacks of folded clothes on his bed next to a sleeping boy. Head at the foot of the bed clothes still on. I put his clothes away but I left him where he was.

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