Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Cards -- EVER

My aunt passed away a year ago and we are now seriously cleaning out her house so we can rent it out. It was on the market for months but the market for even a great house is bad in her small town.

I was going through boxes of stuff and came across a couple of cards I just had to share. They are the first cards I made myself. What a hoot. So nice that my relatives saved stuff like this. Some people I know toss cards they get immediately after reading them. This seems so cruel when the card is handmade special for you. One friend has even sent cards back to me so I could reuse the brads and other embellishments I had put on her cards.

Here are the cards:

My aunt's birthday card from 1972 - it was still in the envelope so I had the postmark to go by. I was 7 years old.

This card had no envelope and no date so I have to guess at the date by the signatures in it. My cousin Janet's name is there but not her younger brother's so I have narrowed it down to 1974. Plus it's in cursive, 9 year old's cursive.

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