Monday, April 13, 2009

DigiScrap questions

This is my initial attempt at digiscrap, done in InDesign, though I'm pretty sure that was a mistake as the freebies available for digiscrap were for Photoshop. BTW, the studio is much cleaner now and some things have been rearranged to make working a bit easier. Always a work in progress.

I'm new to digiscrap and I have a few questions.
  1. What programs do you use most, photo editing (like Adobe Photoshop) or page layout (like Adobe InDesign)?
  2. I know the rules for blogger: “We accept jpg, gif, bmp and png images, 8 MB maximum size.” When you save your digipages do you save them in one of these formats only or do you save them as PDF too or as something else all together?
  3. If I want to print them what resolution do I use? I know 72 dpi is preferred for web stuff because it doesn't suck up too much memory, but the quality isn't that great for printing.
  4. If you do print them where to you go for that and how much do you generally spend per page?

This is my second attempt, done all in Photoshop, using no scrap elements. I was playing around in the McDonald's website looking for images to use for a page about my son's love of the restaurant that offers a playland and toys. Did you know they sell more than burgers and fries? They offer scrapbook supplies too. Click here to see them.

While there I found an area that had all the happy meal toys they have offered over the last year or so and at a decent resolution. So I used them in the page above.

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