Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too sad to stamp

I wanted to post a card for the Kristina Werner Color Challenge and had a good portion of it was done this morning. I planned to come home from work, finish it up, photograph it, post it and then sent it to my aunt Mary Ann. A thinking of you, you are in my prayers kind of card.

Mary Ann died today.

Now I'm too sad to post the card. It's gone from a happy thinking of you card to a sympathy card for myself.

15 days ago my uncle John died. Brother and sister, both taken by different kinds of cancer. Please pray for my father, the only remaining sibling, the new family elder. He is hurting in ways the rest of us can't imagine. We have all known Mary Ann and John for our whole lives but he's been around a lot longer than the rest of the family. He's lost his heros, his childhood playmates, his confidants.

Tell your loved ones you love them everyday.
Live each day like it's your last, one day it will be.

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