Friday, April 11, 2008

Not Hallmark

I made the cards in this post for my aunt so she wouldn't have to go to Hallmark or Walmart to get cards while she is sick. Well I was reading Time magazine while waiting to see the allergist about my latest sinus infection (it's a recurring problem) and I came across the article Synthetic Authenticity in the hard copy version they had a chart that had 2 axis good/bad and real/fake. Here is the card-maker's-Reader's-Digest version:

So now on the cards. These were made some time ago but I didn't photograph them until Easter. [note to self: remove the date from the camera].

I'm really proud of all these cards, but the last one is a favorite for it's stamping on cloth and actually sewing with SU hemp thread. If you want any details (CS colors, stamps, etc.) of any of these cards just comment here or email me.

I'm on my lunch hour and need to get back to all the work I have to do before my vacation next week. Yeah! I so need the time to do my Spring Cleaning. The work office is moving 1/2 an hour further from everyone's home and we have to pack our desks too.
I told my son that when the office moves it will be a completely different life. I'm going to go shopping on my vacation and buy some new duds (so strange to even think about shopping in a clothing store vs. a craft store). We're going to have to get up earlier and really move, etc. He said, "And you can wear makeup more." I'm not big on the face paint anymore — takes up time I'd rather be sleeping or stamping but he likes it when I make an effort in that area so... I'll start wearing makeup.
New office. New outlook. New life.

We'll see what happens.

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