Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not Your Underwear

ATC Mosaic
Originally uploaded by Kalyber

I decided to try my hand at ATCs. I like the size, working in miniature is fun, and the content can be anything which isn't really the case for cards -- at least not in my world.

I've had the phrase. "It's not your underwear but the way you care that makes you an angel" in my head for a long time. This is in response to the Victoria's Secret Angel line of lingerie. Why are the skinny, "perfect" people angels? Are the rest of us demons? Or what?

I added wings to a Stampendous girly stamp and added the phrase. Then I though why not add different things (faces, etc) to actual Victoria's Secret models. So I did. Most of the added faces and text came from a couple of volumes of an old encyclopedia (circa 1950s)

I stamped on botanicals because they seemed to need something, and numbered each one in the series. I didn't work in numerical order. I make 10 first and then 6 and then 9 so there is no rhyme or reason to the numbering. I just wanted to make 10.

As with any series some are better than others. They were all made to fill a bit of time while my son was sick recently and for giggles. Hope you like them. To see the full series go to my flickr space and use the keyword ATC.

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