Monday, April 2, 2007

Reason's Not To Post

Busy, Messy, Sicky, Slow
First I was too busy to blog. I was getting ready for my first SU demo gig ($1000 = $100 for WINGS) which went very well. Of course I bought more than anyone else but it was MY open house and I need supplies so I'm broke but happy.

Second, the office/studio was too messy for my brain to work. I am a poor housekeeper but dirt is patient it will be there when I am ready for it. However there is an overload point on clutter in my creative space . When it gets too bad my brain stops creating and starts fretting about cleaning. So I worked that problem out this weekend (for the most part).

Third, I have gotten sick AGAIN. It's that darned nice weather that didn't stick around. Went out in a jacket too light for the weather one day, combine that with new grass and mold and a poorly dusted home and high hunidity and I will get SICK. Hate these damned allergies but such is life.

Lastly, I am plagued with a slow computer and connection. DSL just isn't what it used to be. My computer is on a slow death march. I'm down a USB port and there are probably other problems I'm unaware so it's SLOW. I was trying to update the template and it took HOURS! All I got done was add a list of blogs I read almost daily. The best stampstresses around. The list will grow and you will have to scroll, and scroll and scroll. There is so much talent out there posting to the blogosphere.

So here is the deal. I need to make the tax man happy, deliver my SU orders and pack for our Easter trip but I will add the latest cards before the week over. I PROMISE.

Now I must medicate and get to bed. The boy crashed at 5:30pm and I'm going to join him - he's in my bed and way too big to carry to his own bed now. G'night

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Ticia said...

I will tell you how I kicked myself in the buns to get my stampin place clean. I posted my messy messy room up on my blog! Yep it worked I knew people where waiting for me to get it cleaned up! Now thats motivation.