Monday, February 27, 2017

Recalling the week that changed my life and a winner

Last week I was Loving On Your Next Stamp. Because the magazine I worked on went to press on Wednesday it was a really busy week for me I asked for some help. A few people answered the call;   Micheal Trent who blogs at World of Michael Trent, and Kelsey from ModernCrafty had their beautiful cards featured on my blog. 

Unfortunately, the post from Hannah Rubenstahl at Fanciful Spaces didn't get posted last week (I'll get into that later in the post). So I am going to post her lovely creations first today. 

"What drew my attention to this stamping company out of Canada is this Magical Unicorn! It is HEAVENLY! I am a child of the 80s/90s, where iridescent school folders and Lisa Frank were everywhere. This stamp brings me right back to that era, I want to put rainbow unicorns EVERYWHERE, especially if they are glittery!

I have chosen to show you the Magical Unicorn, not in the bright crazy rainbow world that I foresee, because we all know the work of Lisa Frank, but instead to show you a softer side. I hope you enjoy these cards I made for you, they were made with love."

I'm a lot older than Hannah, so I missed out on the Lisa Frank frenzy, but I think her creations are beautiful. 

I wanted to share one last card I made using these great stamps before announcing the winner of the drawing that Karen at Your Next Stamp offered.

This is Dante. He is a friendly fire-breathing dragon who loves smores. Creating this scene was so much fun. My Copic markers really got a work out on this one. I used white embossing powder on the sentiment but white was so stark so I used Copic markers on that too. I love Dante.

I put all the comments on all this week's Your Next Stamp posts on slips of paper and drew a winner.

drum roll, please!

The winner is Rannah Romps!

Now for the things that changed my life.

I was in my first improv show this Saturday and I loved it. I will be taking more classes as finances allow and doing more shows.

The other life-changing event is the loss of my job. There was a reorganization that I wasn't aware of and I was let go. This happened on Thursday and the news put me in another world. Hannah's cards were scheduled for Friday and I was crazy busy cleaning out 6 years of desk life at work and trying to set up my new life (such as it is).

Happy Crafting,

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Annie Solomon said...

Yikes! What a week. Sorry about the job. What a bummer. But the improv sounds fantastic. My nephew is doing improv in Houston. Hope you make it through the ups and downs.