Friday, February 3, 2017

Hot Diggity Dog these Stamps are Tee-rific


I purchased the Tee-rific SugarPea Designs set a while ago because I loved the penguin so much. I don't play golf unless there is a windmill on the course. Good thing this set includes a windmill. 

My last encounter with real golf was when I was 8 when my dad was practicing his swing. I got too close and caught the business end of a driver in the face. No real damage except a desire to stay away from golf.

This adorable set is part of the SugarPea Designs Bean Stalk Collection. There are 7 images that can be used to build scenes or can be on their own as a focal point for your creations.

There are eight (8) sentiments for the golfer in your life from Happy Father’s Day to Get Well wishes perfect for the duffer feeling sub-par.

Hot Diggity Dog (sentiment from Avery Elle, mirror frame and rug hand drawn)

For nearly 50 years I thought of myself as a cat person. Thirteen years ago I found out I was a cat person who wasn't allowed to have cats. Allergies were not going to let me breathe if my fuzzy friends were around. Sadly I had to let my two calicos, Penny and Gwen, go. When my son was little he would ask me anytime I seemed even a little bit sad, "You miss you Penny right?" 

When he got a little older he decided he wanted a dog and would regularly remind me that I was NOT allergic to dogs. He had a sinus issue one year, and I took him to my allergist at the suggestion of his pediatrician. They did allergy tests and he is only allergic to one thing. Dogs.

Three years ago I became a dog person. We got Jewels, a schnauzer puppy, to distract my son and me from the sadness of my father's death the previous year. She has worked wonders for me. I have met a lot of wonderful neighbors while walking the dog. 

A bunch of women with dogs would meet up at the local park early on weekend mornings and chat while the dogs played. We would leave the park before the neighborhood children were even awake let alone ready to play in the park. 

I purchased the SugarPea Designs Hot Diggity Dog set to make cards for these ladies. Even though the dogs in this set don't look a thing like any of our dogs, it still gets a work out for Yappy Birthday cards and other occasions. 

Happy Crafting,

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Annie Solomon said...

We're dog people, too. But the only dog we have has a light inside that turns on and off...
Cards are cute!