Monday, May 11, 2015

Marker Monday

It is official. I've known all along that I was certifiable but now the world knows too. I took the Copic Standard Certification in Chicago a couple of months ago and I am now certified. Lori Craig said so. I understand the Copic numbering system, blending families, and how to use blender solution, I even got a taste of airbrushing. I wield my markers with more confidence now. 

I plan to share a Copic tip on Marker Mondays and if I can't be a good example I will be a warning of what not to do.

In the class Lori showed us how to use blending solution on a bit of towel or denim to get a texture on our projects. She had blending solution in a spritzer because you don't need a lot to get results. So I ran home and filled a spritzer with blending solution. I was not ready to cut up my clothes for texture so I thought I'd try using a stippling brush. I spritzed solution in a little container, got out the brush and gave it a go. Well I can tell you that it just makes a mess of your project - don't try it. Like I said, a warning.

The other day I was working with Distress Ink and reached for my water spritzer and a light bulb went out, or did a bell ring, what if I used my blending solution spritzer the same way I use my water spritzer with other inks. So I experimented.

Big Birthday Balloon

Because I am a novice with the airbrush my color is often uneven with light and dark spots that look, well, terrible. Spritzing the image with blending solution gives it a cool mottled effect and helps even out those light and dark spots. 

Have you ever used blending solution this way? Will you try and share your creations?

Happy Crafting,

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