Monday, December 9, 2013


I signed the petition

So there is this kid in Australia who loves the show Doctor Who. People around the world love Doctor Who. I do. Do You.
Guinness World Records can today confirm that the special 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who which was broadcast globally on Saturday (November 23) has set a new world for the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama after the episode was shown in 94 countries across six continents.
So this boy finds out that another planet has been discovered and the International Astronomical Union has named it  "HD 106906 b". The name is meaningful to astronomers and space scientists but not so much to you and I (unless you are an astronomer or space scientist). He thinks it would be cool to have the planet named Gallifrey, the home planet of his hero, so he goes to and starts a petition. The petition appears on Facebook and I bite. Why not. Below is what I added to his petition.
I don't know if a petition will change "HD 106906 b" to Gallifrey but it is worth a shot. "HD 106906 b" is not memorable, catchy or even all that interesting of a name for a planet. Gallifrey on the other hand is already a well known name, like Mars or Venus when they were chosen as planet names. "HD 106906 b" may be used by the scientists working within the International Astronomical Union but the common man, woman or child needs an easier to remember name. A name that will increase interest in astronomy, science, exploration and discovery. The name Gallifrey can do that.  
So the petition is supported by The Mighty Challenge, an interactive web show were you suggest challenges, dares and pranks. Maybe it's just a lark, but this petition had gotten 65,678 supporters before I added my 2 cents.  I wonder if had been around when other planets had been discovered if we would have a planet Krypton. 

Read about the planet here:
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