Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pinterest inspiration follow through

Halloween Sodas
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How many pinterest boards do you have? How many pins are on those boards? How many times have you actually used that inspiration to make or do something?

I admit it I am a pin hoarder. I have tons of great ideas pinned on my boards and today I finally made something I saw on Pinterest.

Today I got an email asking us to bring something to a cut scout Halloween party and I knew I was going to make a orange soda pumpkin I had seen. I went to the grocery store and got a couple of bottles of orange soda and then realized that there are guests that drink Coke, Pepsi and Root Beer too so I got those too.

My son and I figured out which images to put on the bottles with dark liquid. We had to keep it to white because that's the only other color of vinyl I had. I had a skeleton shape I purchased last Halloween and used that for the Pepsi and Coke. We then purchased a ghost because I was being lazy.

We made sure to put the name of the soda in the vinyl design because once the caps are off no one would be able to identify their favorite.

Happy Crafting,

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bonkdawn said...

These are great!! I really need to start using some of my pins for inspiration, too!